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fernando yanine

Fernando Yanine

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Doctor of Science in Engineering from Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile, PUC.

Master of Science in Industrial & Systems Engineering, PUC.

Master of Science in Industrial Engineering, Universidad de Santiago de Chile, USACH

Researcher & Professor at Dept. of Commercial Engineering, USM

With 32 years of experience in various industrial sectors and strong background in engineering projects and Project Management, Fernando is an expert in Energy and Sustainable Energy Systems, and has attained several important achievements in research and development. His areas of expertise also include Strategic Management, Enterprise Flexibility, and Economics. Recently, he worked in various energy projects in Latin America as a Project Manager for Wood Group in the area of Control of power generation turbines. With capacity for leadership, perseverance, and a highly results driven, Fernando shows great capacity for team work and flexibility in different areas of knowledge with emphasis on innovation and sustainability. Co-founder and Manager of operations of the Robotic Mining Consortium, RMC alongside Dr. Danilo F. Bassi, with operations in Santiago, Chile and Tucson, AZ, USA.