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oscar landerretche

Oscar Landerretche

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Doctorate (D.Phil.) in economy policy of the University of Oxford, England.

Commercial engineer, University of Chile.

Bachelor's degree in economics, University of Chile.

He has served as Undersecretary of economy, President of the Council of the National Institute of standardization, INN and President of the Board of the National Center of productivity and quality (CNPC). He was Minister President of the National Commission of energy and Chairman of the INN. He was also a Director of the economic program of the Chile Foundation 2. Member of the Council of the system of public companies (SEP-CORFO) and Professor of economic development at the Faculty of Economics and business of the University of Chile. Executive Vice President of the Corporacion de Fomento de la producción (CORFO). Vice Chairman of the Board of ENAP, Chairman of SERCOTEC, Chairman of the INN, Member of the Commission resolution antitrust (DL 211), Associate Professor, Faculty of Economics and business of the University of Chile. Vice-President Executive the company Nacional de Minería (ENAMI). He served as Director General of the Campus Santiago of the UTFSM between 2007 and 2009, is Professor of political economy at the master's degree in politics and Government of the Latin American Faculty of social sciences (FLACSO), Professor of the International MBA of the Department of industries of the UTFSM since the beginning of the year 2000. He is academic Director of the master in management and public management, University of Talca from 2009, is Professor Lecturer at the Faculty of business sciences of the University of Talca from 2009 and academic of the Institute of public affairs (INAP) of the University of Chile, 2010. Consultant to UNDP, Oxford Analytica, IDB and CAF both within the country and abroad. Member of the College of engineers.