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patricio villalobos

Patricio Villalobos

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PhD in biotechnology, Universidad Tecnica Federico Santa María.

Master of Microbiological Sciences, Catholic University of Valparaiso.

Bachelor's degree in Sciences of the sea, marine biologist, graduated with distinction, Universidad Catolica del Norte.

Currently, he is in the center of biotechnology CBDAL - USM associate Valparaíso-Chile. Development of research, projects, teacher application. As a Doctor in biotechnology with more than 13 years of experience in R + D. Bajo profile of biotechnology, I am a professional with a strong background in molecular biology and life sciences. I have multiple skills covering many fields, including. Molecular biology, cell culture, microbiology and process. • Business consultant. • Par evaluation projects r & d specifically cell and bacterial cultures are my specialty. Using techniques of DNA recombinant for developing vaccines, bio sensors and bioremediation. Reviewer projects CORFO, part of the CNA-Chile, advisory companies in biotechnology Committee. R & d projects.