Director’s Message

Hugo OsorioHugo Osorio

In the dynamic world we're living in, where innovation and technology are redefining the rules of the industry in accelerated fashion, arise great challenges that we must confront with success. To do this, one must attain the competitive edge that only unique skills and specialized knowledge can provide, through a high level training program founded on excellence and innovation. It is essential since it allows consecrating competitive advantages that ensure the necessary capabilities that are part of the field of senior managers, leading processes and managing teams in pursuit of a common goal.

At the MBA of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, we have a program of prestige and tradition of academic excellence, backed by the utmost professional success of our graduates. Indeed a unique and consolidated program through which thousands of students and a highly valuable network of contacts have evolved.

The vision of our program has three cornerstones:

1) Business, as the place where strategies are defined and evaluated, and where you will discover that opportunities and innovative solutions are generated.

2) Entrepreneurship as an adequate setting that enables students to start a business culture that will follow a planned and efficient management.

3) Management, which serves as a transverse axis for the good development of these elements.

Hugo Osorio, PhD.
Director MBA USM