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USM Support

The University

The University arises mainly thanks to the visionary support of Don Federico Santa María Carrera, who donated to the city of Valparaíso a study center consisting of a school of Arts and crafts and an Association of engineers, making it clear that during the first ten years of existence of the University, teachers had to be foreign.

The first Executive Council of the Foundation named after Don Federico was responsible for the university affairs and was formally constituted on May 24, 1929. Later in 1935, the Federico Santa Maria Foundation was renamed "Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María".

Academically, for example, the faculties were established almost ten years after the reforms introduced in 1935 with substantial changes. Indeed, in May 1944 were created the faculties of electrical engineering, chemistry and mechanics, while the Faculty of mathematics and physics was created in November 1948. Special mention deserves the inauguration in 1941 of the Aula Magna, event of great cultural impact in the region.

After more than 80 years devoting its prestige and leading the standards of universities in Chile, the USM was also screened internationally. In 2014, according to the world ranking Times Higher Education (THE), the USM ranked among top three in Latin America - being the first in the country — and among the 300 best in the world in this measurement using parameters such as the quality of teachers, the international perspective of the institution, the number of inventions which creates for industry (direct contribution to the productive sector) its research and the times that it is cited in indexed journals.


In the year 2000 it was first inaugurated the USM MBA, standing out as an icon program representative of the immense prestige that the University had which explains its international academic support, its comprehensive view of business and its versatile mode of flexible classes.

This program is aimed to provide training in the areas of business, entrepreneurship and management, preparing students to take a starring role in the enterprise development and business administration, addressing the demanding needs of the market.

His capacity for leadership and understanding of the process of creation and development of the company, together with its original lineup, will allow you to assume a role of entrepreneur, both privately as developing new businesses, or within existing companies.

Strategic guidelines

Mission of the USM MBA program

It is the MBA of the USM program mission to contribute through postgraduate teaching to the creation of new knowledge in the areas of economics, marketing, finance and business strategy. MBA USM seeks the dissemination and universal delivery of human and professional training of students within a framework of excellence and respect, so that they are able to contribute to the development and improvement of their societies and ultimately of mankind, solving contemporary problems in an ethical and responsible manner.

The program has a national and international expansion and is one of the largest networks of people, with thousands of company professionals.

Vision of the USM MBA program

To be a referent of academic excellence recognized nationally and internationally in the field of management and business management.

Values of the USM MBA program

Interdisciplinarity, Sustainability, Globalization, Academic Excellence and Innovation, since its creation recognizes, assimilates and practices all the general values ​​that Federico Santa María Technical University defines in its institutional seal.

Relevant information

Degree awarded

MBA, Masters of Business Administration

Performing the hybrid classes

Casa Central located in Avenida España 1680, Valparaíso
Campus Santiago Vitacura of the Universidad Técnica Federico Santa María, located in Avenida Santa Maria # 6400, Vitacura, Santiago.

Classes take place synchronously, remotely, by zoom given the health situation.

Beginning of classes

There are two annual dates for the MBA program to start classes, subject to the availability of quotas:

  • April: With applications from October of the previous year until March.
  • October: With applications from April to September.

Type of classes

Classes are conducted one weekend per month, studying in total 10 classes, each of 2 hours chronological modules, covering in total, 20 chronological hours of classes on the following schedule:

  • Friday: 14:00 to 21:00 hours.
  • Saturday: 08:00 to 18:30 hours.
  • Sunday: 08:00 to 14:30 hours.


Requirements to apply for the program should:

  • Possess degree of Bachelor or equivalent studies.
  • 3 years of work experience

Why to choose us


Because vocational training given by MBA USM is confined to academic excellence, projecting the areas of business, entrepreneurship and management, with a mesh according to these challenges and a flexible hours - with classes once a month--which fits great shape the profile of each student that enters into our curriculum.

Because it is also supported by a University's long history and prestige at national and international level and with great academic strength, which brings students from all regions of the country, covering a great diversity which will expand and improve the network of contacts in their spaces of those who pursue the MBA in the Universidad Santa Maria.

Because the same flexibility of classes, allows developing a high-level academic environment, as it gives way to the participation of large foreign teachers featured in the areas that are developed and used to transmit the culture of business, entrepreneurship and management in the USM MBA classrooms.

Student profile

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